Wheel Alignment Services in Edinburgh Scotland

Wheel Alignment Symptoms

– Does your car have handling problems or not quite feel right?

– Do you have uneven tyre wear?

– Has your car been in a slight Accident?

You probably have a wheel alignment and balancing problem and need to get it checked out and repaired.

Wheel Alignment Service

At Mclennans Garage, we have the state of the art wheel alignment equipment and software that allows us to check your car’s aligment against the manufacturers wheel alignment settings. This allows us to firstly restore these settings to where they should be and secondly to allow us to collect the data and watch your car’s alignment over time. Our wheel alignment equipment and software is comprehensive, as well as advanced, and allows us to treat any type of car – from BMWs to Subarus and from Jaguars to Mercedes.

Our wheel alignment and balancing check service that will help you save costs, ensure safety and give you piece of mind.

Please contact us to get a wheel alignment estimate for your car.

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